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We provide a professional, subscription based, spare parts sourcing logistics service in East, West, Central & Southern Africa.

For whom?

Discerning private individuals, parts dealers, suppliers, SMEs, spare parts shops, NGOs, schools, institutions, garages, dockyards and workshops, private / public companies, county and central government ministries and departments.

Our clients across all categories in Benin-City are individuals, companies or organizations that are NOT AT ALL interested in engaging themselves with unnecessary, time wasting, nerve-wracking and energy-sapping efforts.

Doing what?

Searching left, right and center for spare parts dealers and suppliers in Benin-City and neighbouring towns.

Why is this so you may wonder.

Well, they know 100% that it's easier, less time-consuming, simpler, faster, and most important, more convenient doing so through TheSparePartShop.Com (A Division of Parts Technology Africa)

PLUS, our spare parts clients in Benin-City enjoy incredible discounts year-round from a large cross section of industries, companies and businesses operating in Nigeria and the neighbouring countries!

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And then.........?

Make a well calculated decision.

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